Band Scramble~ Thursday June 14 2018

Band Scramble ~ Thursday June 14 2018

Tottenham Band Scramble

The Tottenham Bluegrass Committee would like to invite you to participate in our 3rd annual Band Scramble event on Thursday Evening at the Conservation Area.

Band Scramble 2015Throughout the week, Mike Kirley and Al Benner will be around sites looking for pickers to sign up for the Band Scramble, which is to be held Thursday night on a stage in the parking lot at the top of the hill. If you are interested in participating and have not seen Mike or Al, please drop by and register around 6:30pm on the Thursday evening.

Participants put their names in a box with the names of the instrument they play. Names are randomly drawn to form bands. They have 15 minutes to come up with three songs and a name for the band; then they must perform on the stage provided.

There will be a contest for the best band name. FUN!!! tottenham_bluegrass_bandscamble

Everyone is welcome to drop by, to participate or just come and enjoy some great bluegrass music.

Enjoy some pictures from past  Band Scrambles by

Benny and his band.clicking this link Band scramble 2016





2017 Bands that perform for the crowds… Who will you see on stage this year.. Could it be You..

  1. At Last We’re First:  Rose Merrigan, Tom Gardiner, Doug Johnston, Kevin McMillan, Herman Funk
  2. The Dedicators: Dale Shantz, Sandy Shantz, Joe Cando, Bill White, Mike Sullivan.
  3. Better Than Nothing: Pete Petric, Jim Hessletine, Ernie Valcheff, Bill Barkley, Lois Graff, Kubie.
  4. Near Misses: Brian Post, Tom Durant, Edy Petric, Al Benner, Marnie Reimers
  5. Five Alive: Linda Faith, Pete Harrison, Anne Delong, Chuck McCallum.
  6. Keeping Time: Gloria and Lionel, George Tripps, Linda Gamble, Dexter Jarrett, Len Heatherington, Heather Reid.
  7. W5: Dan Mifflin, Ray Smith, Gary Moore, Mariette Mifflin, Mike Kirley
  8. The Punky Doodle String Band: Arnold Beaty, Joyce Kelly, Vern Brenneman, Jill Welch, Roger Graham, Kubie.
  9. The Ninth Misfits: Dave Harrison, Sharon Harrison, Wayne Coltman, Dixon Raynard, Doug Cornish.
  10. Rosie’s Roundup: Doug Wiltshire, Linda Darroch, Vic Goertzen, Marianne Govier, Jan Reimers, Gary Meyer

Total number of entrants: 53


A good time was had by all!!!