7 reasons why to the attend the Tottenham Bluegrass festival are listed below. There are many more reasons to list and you will have more of your own reasons why. Here are our 7 top reasons why.
Let us know what your reason are.

#  1  Friends and Family:
Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is the perfect place to come with a group of friends and/or family. Whether it’s one week prior to the festival or the three days, this is the best time to get together with your family and friends and enjoy the fresh air while you have great bluegrass music surrounding you.



# 2 The Bluegrass Music. 

The love of the music is the common thread around the park the month of June in Tottenham. You will hear the acoustic bluegrass music, from blazingly fast instrumental solos on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, to 3 part  harmonies which will start to you top tapping., put a smile on your face and warmth within. When you hear the high lonesome sound of Bluegrass music, especially with great harmonies added the hairs on the back of your neck can stand up. That’s when you know that you have found your love of bluegrass music

# 3 The Community of People.

The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, bring together a  close-knit community that has been formed over the years from attendees of many Ontario Bluegrass Festivals. How many other types of music concerts can you go to where you can talk to the stars after the show? When you come to the Tottenham Bluegrass  festival you’ll meet hundreds of people that you can jam with if you’re a musician and there’s a good chance you might even jam with the best of the best like Eddie LeBlanc, Ray Lagere, The Spinney Brother.  It’s just the way the Bluegrass community works.

# 4  Great Friendly Volunteers & Organizers.
The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival has over 200 volunteers along with an organization committee 35 and an executive committee of 6, who dedicated their self throughout the year to bring you the best bluegrass festival experience. The committee’s passion to put on a top notch festival is evident by the smiles they wear and the willingness of assisting the bluegrass attendee so they may have the complete Bluegrass experience. Without the volunteers the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival would not be going into their 35th year in 2018.

# 5  Camping is the Experience. 
The chance to camp out at the Tottenham Bluegrass festival gives you opportunity to experience the after concerts around the campfires. To meet likeminded people as yourself.  And you can hear some bluegrass music collaborations that will only be heard if you are camping at the festival. And just think you can wake up the next morning and go at it again




# 6 The Memories.

The memories you make while at the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival will be the ones you will never forget. Whether it pickin’ around the campfire with your friends, to remembering when you attended with your family (grandparent, parents and siblings) to one of the top notch bands you saw on the main stage. Remembering the Tottenham Bluegrass Festivals of past and present can always bring a smile to your face.  Always remember that the following June you can come again and create more memories that will last a lifetime

# 7  The Bluegrass Experience. There’s no better way to describe the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival then to go yourself and see with your own eyes. The experience is worth a lifetime.

The Tottenham Bluegrass Experience



  May 13, 2017


#8 Tottenham has the most beautiful and tranquil setting with many activities. Bring your canoe and go for a paddle with your sweetheart 🙂

Is it a pet friendly festival?

Great site!!! Nice job. I have attended all 34 years, and have never been disappointed on all 7 points mentioned. Congratulations folks. You have built something endearing that is known far and wide across our continent. Tottenham Bluegrass Rules!!!

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