Bluegrass music has been popular since it sprouted, in a laid-back country lifestyle environment. But recently, Bluegrass has been growing in some very unexpected places, the busy cities.

Cities all over Canada and the United States have been cultivating some of the newest and biggest names in Bluegrass Music. It seems to be sprouting up and influencing musicians of every genre, even street buskers are now preforming modern hits in a bluegrass style, on some of the busiest street corners on the globe, making bluegrass music touch ears that it would never have before, Inspiring a new generation of fans.

Regina’s very own The Dead South are some of the biggest hit makers on the new city bluegrass scene. Sporting wide brim hats, white shirts, suspenders, and cowboy boots, make them really- stand out in downtown Regina. Their latest songs music video “In hell I’ll be in good company,” was shot all over the GTA and southern Ontario.


The Dead South


The Rail Road Ghosts have no fixed address but they travel from city to city playing their own brand of bluegrass, most recently preforming all over Toronto.


The Rail Road Ghost Preforming in downtown Toronto


Shakey Grave is a solo act, but he is also a one-man band playing guitar,   percussion and singing some of the most poetic bluegrass and folk songs of recent memory. He is from Texas, but has played concerts in some of the biggest cities all over the world. He is a musician to keep your eyes and ears on.


Shakey Graves


Since Toronto seems to be a magnet for the new bluegrass movement, it’s only fitting that Toronto’s very own bluegrass band The Hit Pickers who preform at some of the best music venues in the GTA, will be bringing their fresh take on a classic style to this year’s Tottenham Bluegrass Festival.


The Hit Pickers


It seems a lot of people can’t get out of the city to have a bluegrass experience, so bluegrass is coming to them. It is a refreshing change, from the daily grind of city life. Something organic, something traditional, and something real.

Bluegrass has been part of North American history, it grew with music that came with early settlers. It has been inspired through many cultures and the land around us. It has been passed down and evolved with every new generation that has taken it up. The new generation of bluegrass musicians and fans have arrived, and it is exciting to see what they will bring to the historical musical field of bluegrass.

  Mar 30, 2017


I would love to attend n buy tickets. Where do I get tickets?

Thank you for your interest in our festival. You can purchase ticket on line thru our website. If you follow the link below it will take you directly there and you can see pricing and different options. See you at the festival. Keep Pickin & Grinnin

Thank you for your interest in our Festival. The information for tickets can be found on our website under buy tickets tab. You can click the link below and it will take you directly there.

Keep Pickin & Grinnin

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