7 reasons why to the attend the Tottenham Bluegrass festival are listed below. There are many more reasons to list and you will have more of your own reasons why. Here are our 7 top reasons why.
Let us know what your reason are.

#  1  Friends and Family:
Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is the perfect place to come with a group of friends and/or family. Whether it’s one week prior to the festival or the three days, this is the best time to get together with your family and friends and enjoy the fresh air while you have great bluegrass music surrounding you.



# 2 The Bluegrass Music. 

The love of the music is the common thread around the park the month of June in Tottenham. You will hear the acoustic bluegrass music, from blazingly fast instrumental solos on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, to 3 part  harmonies which will start to you top tapping., put a smile on your face and warmth within. When you hear the high lonesome sound of Bluegrass music, especially with great harmonies added the hairs on the back of your neck can stand up. That’s when you know that you have found your love of bluegrass music

# 3 The Community of People.

The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, bring together a  close-knit community that has been formed over the years from attendees of many Ontario Bluegrass Festivals. How many other types of music concerts can you go to where you can talk to the stars after the show? When you come to the Tottenham Bluegrass  festival you’ll meet hundreds of people that you can jam with if you’re a musician and there’s a good chance you might even jam with the best of the best like Eddie LeBlanc, Ray Lagere, The Spinney Brother.  It’s just the way the Bluegrass community works.

# 4  Great Friendly Volunteers & Organizers.
The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival has over 200 volunteers along with an organization committee 35 and an executive committee of 6, who dedicated their self throughout the year to bring you the best bluegrass festival experience. The committee’s passion to put on a top notch festival is evident by the smiles they wear and the willingness of assisting the bluegrass attendee so they may have the complete Bluegrass experience. Without the volunteers the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival would not be going into their 35th year in 2018.

# 5  Camping is the Experience. 
The chance to camp out at the Tottenham Bluegrass festival gives you opportunity to experience the after concerts around the campfires. To meet likeminded people as yourself.  And you can hear some bluegrass music collaborations that will only be heard if you are camping at the festival. And just think you can wake up the next morning and go at it again




# 6 The Memories.

The memories you make while at the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival will be the ones you will never forget. Whether it pickin’ around the campfire with your friends, to remembering when you attended with your family (grandparent, parents and siblings) to one of the top notch bands you saw on the main stage. Remembering the Tottenham Bluegrass Festivals of past and present can always bring a smile to your face.  Always remember that the following June you can come again and create more memories that will last a lifetime

# 7  The Bluegrass Experience. There’s no better way to describe the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival then to go yourself and see with your own eyes. The experience is worth a lifetime.

The Tottenham Bluegrass Experience



Bluegrass music has been popular since it sprouted, in a laid-back country lifestyle environment. But recently, Bluegrass has been growing in some very unexpected places, the busy cities.

Cities all over Canada and the United States have been cultivating some of the newest and biggest names in Bluegrass Music. It seems to be sprouting up and influencing musicians of every genre, even street buskers are now preforming modern hits in a bluegrass style, on some of the busiest street corners on the globe, making bluegrass music touch ears that it would never have before, Inspiring a new generation of fans.

Regina’s very own The Dead South are some of the biggest hit makers on the new city bluegrass scene. Sporting wide brim hats, white shirts, suspenders, and cowboy boots, make them really- stand out in downtown Regina. Their latest songs music video “In hell I’ll be in good company,” was shot all over the GTA and southern Ontario.


The Dead South


The Rail Road Ghosts have no fixed address but they travel from city to city playing their own brand of bluegrass, most recently preforming all over Toronto.


The Rail Road Ghost Preforming in downtown Toronto


Shakey Grave is a solo act, but he is also a one-man band playing guitar,   percussion and singing some of the most poetic bluegrass and folk songs of recent memory. He is from Texas, but has played concerts in some of the biggest cities all over the world. He is a musician to keep your eyes and ears on.


Shakey Graves


Since Toronto seems to be a magnet for the new bluegrass movement, it’s only fitting that Toronto’s very own bluegrass band The Hit Pickers who preform at some of the best music venues in the GTA, will be bringing their fresh take on a classic style to this year’s Tottenham Bluegrass Festival.


The Hit Pickers


It seems a lot of people can’t get out of the city to have a bluegrass experience, so bluegrass is coming to them. It is a refreshing change, from the daily grind of city life. Something organic, something traditional, and something real.

Bluegrass has been part of North American history, it grew with music that came with early settlers. It has been inspired through many cultures and the land around us. It has been passed down and evolved with every new generation that has taken it up. The new generation of bluegrass musicians and fans have arrived, and it is exciting to see what they will bring to the historical musical field of bluegrass.

Celebrate the begining of march break with a little bluegrass. Try our band of the week, CR5!

CR5, formerly known as Country Road 5, was founded in 2006. Over the past decade this band has made a grand contribution to the world of bluegrass. They are an extravagant Eastern Ontario band who has performed at many incredible venues and festivals. Some of which include; the Brockville Arts Center. The Joshua Bates center, Athens Steam fair and many more. In addition to performing, they also host the Jonas Street Music Festival, a crucial part of the Lyndhurst Turkey Fair. Tottenham Bluegrass welcomes CR5 to the 2017 festival. So get your tickets now to see them live this June!

Bluegrass music has been around for hundreds of years, it evolved from traditional celtic music brought over from Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English settlers in the 18th century.

Since then it has evolved over time taking aspects and influences from other cultures until it has turned into the style we know today.

The biggest change came in the 1920’s when Swing and Jazz music greatly influenced the style and modernized it.

The music carried on becoming very popular in the southern states of the U.S.A. In the 1950’s fans started recognizing the style and calling it bluegrass. It is not known directly why, but music historians theorize the name comes from a popular band formed in 1939 called the Blue Grass Boys.

The founder of them is the famous Bill Monroe, who is known as being the father of bluegrass music in the United States.

Come see Bluegrass music live this June at the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival, and see if you can hear the hints of history in the twang of the banjo, or the pickin’ guitar. Get your tickets today!

You better get your tickets soon to make sure you don’t miss our band of the week preforming live at this years Tottenham Bluegrass Festival!
Bill White & White Pine have been playing music for over 24 years. Their music has taken them all over Canada and The United States, they also did a tour on the largest ship of Carnival Cruise Line “The dream “.

Everyone in the band has one numerous music awards for their work. Their quality and dedication  to the Bluegrass sound shines through every preformance. The Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is proud to have them
on board.

Our band of the week is Ray Legere and the Acoustic Horizon, Ray Legere, Canada’s top fiddle and mandolin artist, has teamed up with Gaspé native Frank Doody and The Acoustic Horizon. Who will be joining us at this years Tottenham Bluegrass Festival.

Ray Legere was the winner at the 1996 and 2003 East Coast Music Awards of the ‘Bluegrass Artist of the Year’ award. Legere has accompanied recording artists Rita McNeil, The Rankins, John McDermott, and the Barra MacNeils among others. Ray Legere & Acoustic Horizon are sure to have the audience tapping their toes when they take the stage.

It feels like the Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is just over the horizon get your tickets today!

Another week closer to Bluegrass means another band of the week. Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is very excited to have Lost and Found part of their 2017 lineup.

The Lost and Found Band has grown in popularity over the years as they traveled and performed at Bluegrass Festivals with Mills’ exceptional song writing contributing much to the group’s fame. Their song “Love of the Mountains,” has become a bluegrass standard when they perform and we are sure they will be performing it at the 2017 festival.

Their music and the band continues to be a strong positive force in contemporary bluegrass music.  Tottenham Bluegrass Festival looks forward to seeing you in June.


In 2001 a new generation were introduced to Bluegrass and folk music through the film O’ Brother, Where Art Thou. It gave a huge boost to the Bluegrass scene, inspiring new bands and festivals. See Tottenham’s own Bluegrass Festival this June. Tickets available now !

It’s almost that time of the year again, The 2017 Tottenham Bluegrass Festival is quickly approaching, and the bands are gearing up to make this year the best yet.

This weeks featured artists, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers will be one of the bands performing in our fantastic 2017 lineup. Known as one of Bluegrass’s most intelligent bands, Chris Jones & The Night Drivers deliver witty, meaningful songs.

The band has accumulated eight IBMA awards, and their last album “Lonely Comes Easy” had twenty top songs, three of which were number one hits. Make sure you get your tickets soon to experience one of Bluegrass’s best bands.



Tickets are now on sale for the 2017 Tottenham Bluegrass Festival.  Dates for the 2017 festival are June 16 to 18 2017. But we all know the fun starts alot earlier in the month of June as people start to arrive with their RVs and set up camp for the 34th annual festival.

Tottenham Bluegrass committee is offering a special deal on the 2017 ticket for a limited time to help you buy that Bluegrass fan on our holiday list .  Buy 2 weekend tickets for only $150.  This is only available online and only till Dec 24.