Thank you Gary for sharing your song with us…it really captures the essence of the festival

On The Hills of Tottenham

(Ode to the Bluegrass Festival)
(G.W. Hubbard, HubTub Publishing)

Big rigs making their way through town
Every third week in June
Rvs and campers of every size
All rolling to a bluegrass tune

You see the same old folks a-settin’ up camp
Out there on a patch of green
Catchin’ up with the friends that they met last year,
“Hey! There buddy, how’ve you been?”


Some come to listen to the Bluegrass
Others come to join in a jam
Hear the banjos ringing, all the voices singing
On the hills of Tottenham,
On the hills of Tottenham

Get to the hill with your favourite chair
Check out the vendors where they stand
Anticipations building as they take the stage
We’re ready now to listen to a band

Visit with the neighbours up and down the road
The hill can be quite the climb
We’ve got people here of every age
Stompin’ their feet in time


The children’s stage attracts lots of folks
Please give the talent a hand
We know they’re nervous but they give their best
One day they may return with a band

The time has flown past and the festivals done
Let’s give the volunteers and sponsors a cheer
We hope you had fun and enjoyed the show
We hope that we will see you next year